Who We Are


Heels & Handshakes ®

Shannen Stewart loved her Nashville community of Event Industry professionals, and wanted to ensure that the multitude of women that made up the majority of the workforce would all have positive and collaborative interactions to enrich their lives both professionally and personally. So she grabbed a few of her fellow female Industry peeps and spread the word that they all would have a special place to  network, share and exchange ideas with other women business owners, and let loose from the stressful events they were doing for everyone else.   


Who Are These Fabulous Women in Heels?

What started out with a few dozen women has exploded to over 3,000  female members in the middle Tennessee community, and the collaborative spirit has grown with it! 

 Having trouble accommodating a private dinner for 40 next month? Put it out there, and these ladies will jump in to provide suggestions and availability to help fulfill that reservation! Looking for a specific color linen or backdrop for a themed event? Just ask, and this group will share their ideas on the best vendor to meet your needs. With members at event planning companies, venues, hotels, florists, caterers, decor, A/V, makeup, hair, bridal services, etc., our membership is eager to assist each other and lift each other up for success! And no - you do NOT have to wear heels to our events, although barefoot is not allowed in any of the venues!


Why Only Women?

Educational studies have shown that females learn more by working cooperatively, and we believe that we succeed the same way. Having us come together allows us to be US - no cutthroat competition in our group. We aren't saying that there aren't amazingly successful and competitive women in the event industry; we just don't operate that way. After all, behind every    

successful woman is a tribe of successful women who have her back.

And we also GIVE BACK. To truly be a successful community, we believe we should share our talents with those who need it most. So we seek out non-profits that serve the women in our community to ensure that ALL of us are healthy, happy, supported, and are given the opportunity to be safe and empowered as well.