Praise from our members


Humble –When a member inquires about a service/product you offer you are more than welcome to introduce yourself, but we want to stay away from constant self-promotion to help control content. Only one post a month will be permitted to promote your company.   

Encouragement- We are women supporting other women. We welcome shout outs! Raise? New job? New home? New pet? We celebrate it all! 

Excellence – Looking for a referral or in need or a vendor for your event, we have the resources. We have the top talent in Nashville.

Leadership- Looking for a mentor or mentee in the industry, we can help facilitate. 

Service – “Your greatness is not what you have, it is what you give.” We will volunteer our time quarterly to  local charities here in Nashville.


Heels & Handshakes ® is committed to embracing the Nashville Event community and beyond.  Our arms are open to women of all abilities, backgrounds, religions, races, cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientations, genders, ages and expressions.
Come. As. You. Are. Always. 
H&H has a Zero Tolerance policy for: hate, bigotry, bullshit and judgement.  
We welcome, facilitate and respect a diversity of ideas, experiences, cultures, beliefs, backgrounds and we want to hear and celebrate every part of the journey that makes you, you and got you here. 
We appreciate and encourage respectful discourse and a free flow of ideas, all while providing a platform for you to share in a safe space. We are committed to educating, helping, supporting, loving, empowering and amplifying every woman that wants to be a part of this passionate and progressive movement.  
It’s no secret that empowered women, empower women and H&H is composed of cheerleaders, fans, coaches and champions here to help, mentor and celebrate you.
Whether you’re in heels or flats, you are valuable and we believe in you. 


Our Members