Praise from our members

Secret Sweatpants Meetings

Lights, Camera and Zoom!

Professional on the top, sweatpants on the bottom. Don’t worry we all do it. Especially now with Covid-19 and working from home it has been difficult to get motivated to put on real pants. Our Friends and members, Macro Productions

Working Remote, but no home office.

What if you don’t have a nice office or background? No worries, Quest Events has provided an image gallery to make your backdrop stand out.

Girl, Wash Your Face

{Insert Rachel Hollis voice} Yes, wash your face, brush your hair and if you want to get really fancy Shani with Perfect Day Beauty has shared her easy tips for makeup.

Make Your own Happy Hour kit

Step 1: Pick your Mocktails/Cocktails at

Step 2: Cocktails Delivered to your house and all of your team members.

Step 3: Everyone will log in to zoom with one of our expert mixologist to create your parties signature cocktail togetherStep 4: Sip, Smile, Catch up and Enjoy

Backdrops available to download provide by Quest Events


Our Members

Looking for backgrounds, Quest Events has provided a gallery.