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“Heels and Handshakes is my favorite networking organization! The open forum online, women supporting women, and casual networking only events set this group apart from all others in Nashville. I have sent and received so much business on the online open forum, and made so many connections that I wouldn’t have otherwise have had the opportunity to.”



Evolution Event Solutions

  “Heels & Handshakes has been such a huge support and blessing to my business. My branding agency, Copperheart Creative, was able to land two of our largest clients from the Heels & Handshakes group. We were recommended by five completely different women in the group on a post searching for a branding professional. I immediately got the job without having to do any “selling” because the women in the group spoke so highly of the quality and customer service we provide in the comments!!

It’s a beautiful to see the women in our city building community and supporting each other in the Heels & Handshakes group!”


Amber Zaricor

Owner + Creative
Director at Copperheart Creative 

“Heels & Handshakes is the first place I go with event needs, questions, or referrals. It truly is amazing to see the power of a vetted network at work at this caliber. Last month, I posted a job listing for my company on H&H. I received 42 applications and all candidates had great experience. We have now hired three people from the H&H community. This is the only group I will go to for my hospitality and event industry hiring needs.” 


Channing Mooreland


 “As an events professional of close to 20 years, I want to network with those quality people that are going to stick around to grow beside and with me. This extra step really qualifies those wanting to genuinely grow their HH relationships as a professional in the events industry. Thank you Shannen Stewart for taking it to the next level. This move separates the pros from those that are dabbling in it.”


Linda Pilkinton

Belle Meade Plantation

 “To know that I have a group of ladies that I can depend on to be a resource, sounding board, think tank, partner, mentor and overall landing place in what could be a crazy cutthroat world, is such a comfort! When my company was acquired and my team was unexpectedly let go, the gals were there for job leads, references, ideas and their encouragement and support kept me going when things got tough. Without them, I wouldn’t have found my current job. I can’t say enough great things about Heels and Handshakes!”


Natalie Vincent

Wildhorse Saloon

 “This group is such an amazing resource for the event industry!  All of the women are so supportive of one another. If you have a question whether it be job related or “where should I go to get a manicure”, this group is where I turn to.   

To say the Heels and Handshakes has helped to advance my career would be an understatement. I have booked several groups just from replying to the Facebook inquiries that are posted.  I know that if I have a need for something these women will know where to find it!  We are so lucky to have such a great group of women to network with! ” 


Susan Zoesch

Tin Roof

 “I have been part of the Heels and Handshakes community for the past two years as a part time Event Manager for a local venue in town. Throughout my time in the group, I have seen a group of women who have come together to provide helpful information and insight into the industry. I, personally, got my job through Heels and Handshakes when a job listing was posted in the group. Though I did not know the person that shared the job posting, I was able to feel confident to reach out to the organization because of other succors in the group. I am forever grateful for the Heels and Handshakes community.”


Morgan Howell

Director of Sales
& Events
Brooklyn Bowl

“Heels and Handshakes has been an amazing resource for me. I am part of the first phase of ladies and have always been a proud member. Last year after going through some soul searching and changes, I decided to let my next step come to me. It sure did with a posting from an old client who was looking for a Business Development person to be the first employee at their startup. I messaged her directly and I was hired at EVAmore. I can not express my gratitude to this group of amazing ladies who are always there for each other and lift each other up to their next phase in life.”


Debbie Garcia, CMP

Global Cynergies 

 “Heels & Handshakes is an invaluable networking organization for women in the event industry!  When our agency was in the market for a new office operations manager, we posted though various platforms before Heels & Handshakes without much success. Once we notified the H&H Facebook group of our #JobAlert we almost immediately had 10-12 resumes from women in the event industry in our inbox!. We made a fantastic hire from that group of resumes, and probably would not have known about her or her us, without this amazing platform.  Grateful to be part of such a wonderful group of women!!” 


Rachel Kerr

Prime Source Entertainment Group 

“Shannen’s group Heels and Handshakes has allowed me to network with other hard working professionals in the event & hospitality industry. Through the community Shannen has started with Heels and Handshakes I have had the opportunity to add a few work related opportunities to my resume. Shannen is a strong leader for our group with a heart of gold. I would recommend Shannen to be a part of any project you can collaborate with her on!”


Mallory Liebman

Ceo, Stylist Mallory

“I am so grateful to Shannen Stewart and Eliza Straney for creating this amazing group of powerful and talented women! I found my current position as Sales Manager for etch and etc. restaurant through this group and I am thrilled to work for such an amazing company.   Every time I attend a networking event with Heels and Handshakes I walk away feeling very empowered as well as honored to share the same space as these incredible women.  Thank you for letting me be part of this group!”


Whitney Eccher

Sales Manager
4 Top Hospitality 

“Upon graduation, I knew I wanted to move to Nashville and I knew I wanted to be in the events industry. I heard about Heels & Handshakes through a contact I had been emailing back and forth with. Two days after moving, I went to one of the Heels & Handshakes Happy Hours. I was so scared walking in, but immediately my nerves were calmed. Everyone was so encouraging, friendly, and welcoming. Heels & Handshakes has been such an incredible resource. I have met so many people who have helped me on my job search journey. Whether it was emailing back and forth to give resume advice or meeting for lunch or coffee, everyone I have met through Heels has been so willing to help. As a recent college graduate who moved to a brand new city, it was such a blessing to be surrounded by such encouraging people who were so willing to help!

I recently started a position as a Project Assistant for Chef’s Market. I found this position through the Heels & Handshakes Facebook page. I saw a #jobalert post and emailed Kate my resume. 

Before finding the position with Chef’s Market, I was able to find different jobs, working various events through the Heels & Handshakes network. I worked a retail event, a tradeshow, a wedding party, and corporate events. This was the perfect way to gain experience in the industry and connect with more people! 

Moving to Nashville to pursue a career in the events industry was a scary leap of faith, but something I had dreamed of doing for many years. I am so grateful to Heels & Handshakes, for all the wonderful people I met and incredible opportunities it has led me to!”


Ashley Mcduffie

Chef’s Market


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