Praise from our members

You Are One Tough Cookie

Operation: Sweet surprise making 2021 sweeter with Kendra Scott and Tiff’s Treats.

Because a tough Cookie never crumbles, Bakin it Happen in 2021, all the puns!! Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Y’all, I am incredibly grateful to Halle with Kendra Scott. She reached out and asked if any of our members would like a pick-me-up and brought in their partner Tiff’s Treats and went full Oprah style; “You get a cookie, you get a cookie, you get a gift bag full of jewelry.”

I know what you’re thinking, “what’s the catch??!?” Here’s the thing, there was no catch. They simply wanted to do something nice for our downtown members especially after the year we had.

Surprising employees from Etch with goody bags


Our Members