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Level Up Your Party By Hiring The Kits & Pieces Co. Party Box

Level Up Your Party with the ultimate one-stop shop, The Kits & Pieces Co. Party Boxes. That’s right party in a box!

Did you Know Cat’s middle name is Party? Well, no not really, but it might as well be as she loves to throw a good party. Not only are her party kits creative and affordable but she even has curated playlists for each theme!!

We are excited to introduce and feature Cat Sornmayura, the owner of The Kits & Pieces Co. They just launched their party essentials for Valentine’s Day and they are too cute. Make sure to check them em’ out here.

How did you enter into the Hospitality industry?
I first started as an operations coordinator for a luxury catering company in Miami coordinating all staff and event schedules for 800 events a year! Talk about being thrown into the fire. Though there were some late nights and lots of coffee involved, I absolutely fell in love with how detail-oriented the industry is, and how satisfying the final product is to see! I brought that experience into the hotel catering world while working on The Kits and Pieces, and hope to stay in this industry for the rest of my career.

What brought you to Nashville?
Right at the turning point of the pandemic in March, I received an offer for a wedding manager position as part of the pre-opening team of a hotel in Nashville! I was so happy that I would have the experience to live in such a fun musical city as I had never lived anywhere else. Though the pandemic had other plans and I’ve since been laid off, it gave me the opportunity to pursue my side business full time. Nashville has really lent a hand in helping me flourish because the high cost of living in Miami makes it exponentially harder to run a start-up full-time.

Where are we likely to find you on the weekends or when you aren’t working? 
When I’m not working, you can usually find me at hip hop class! Haha. I love taking hip hop classes as an entrepreneur because it really takes my mind off of work (and for any planners and those who work from home, you know how hard it is to turn that off!), while getting to learn a fun routine, and while working on enhancing my confidence. #efficiencyinyourhobbies

Name 3 things you cannot live without? 
I absolutely could not live without my Cricut! haha That machine makes all my ideas come to life. The other two would be my agenda and Canon Rebel DSLR camera! Need to stay organized and get all those pretty photos haha. 

What is the best advice you have received?
One of my mentors used to tell me “You always gotta look like something.” She was referencing always leaving the house dressed well with the best attitude possible because you never know who you’re going to run into and if that person is going to change your life. Since then, it has also affected me by always pushing me to put my best foot forward in any scenario, whether it’s writing an email or putting together my 100th kit.

What are you currently listening to? Podcast? Favorite song that motivates you?
Currently Listening: How You Like That – BLACKPINKPodcast: How I Built This – Ben & Jerry’s! Motivational Song: Level Up – Ciara

Where can members connect with you? 
Feel free to email at, LinkedIn: Catleya Sornmayura or DM on IG @thekitsandpieces. 🙂 Looking forward to connecting with everyone!

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