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In Her Heels with Megan Scurlock, of Locklane Weddings & Events.

“I landed exactly where I never thought I wanted to be, and I love it.”

Headshot provided by Kera Photography

Megan Scurlock is the owner and lead planner of Locklane Weddings & Events. A Texas native, she moved to Nashville in the spring of 2010, just a few months before the flood. She lives in Franklin with her husband, two daughters, their pup, and a couple of koi. 

After years of planning events that were all over the board, Megan realized that her favorite events were those that really meant something to her clients. She focuses on events with a deep personal connection that will resonate with her clients for years to come. She loves the small, but essential, details and taking her clients’ ideas, big or small, and making them come to life in a beautiful celebration.

When she’s not planning events for clients, she is likely planning the next celebration for her family or a friend. Or she might be off on the next traveling adventure with her husband, watching You’ve Got Mail (missing NYC), spending time with her girls, or shopping with her best friend. 

Join us, as we learn a little bit more about Megan.

How did you enter into the hospitality industry?
My background is in public relations and I never thought I would work in events. But right out of college I worked in city government and I fell in love with the big events we would host. I got engaged a few months after moving to Nashville and started following Ashley’s Bride Guide on Twitter (now Nashville Bride Guide!). I stumbled into a blog writing position, then started planning my wedding. I was confident I knew exactly what I was doing because I had planned events for tens of thousands of people, how hard could a small wedding be? Really, really hard. Especially since I was new to the city and just barely making connections in the industry. So I hired a planner, then became her assistant and when she moved a few years after that, I opened my own event planning company. I landed exactly where I never thought I wanted to be, and I love it.

What brought you to Nashville?
I met this cute guy at a wedding in Abilene, TX, fell in love, dated long distance, then packed up my life and moved to Nashville. I fell in love with Tennessee, and luckily married the cute guy because my Texas family is still not happy that I moved away! I’ve been here over a decade now, so I feel like a native with all of change that has happened to our city in that time!

Where are we likely to find you on the weekends or when you aren’t working?
Either at home with my family, at the beach, or traveling.

What are you currently listening to? Podcast? Favorite song that motivates you?
Human Hope with Carlos Whitaker and Simply Stories (gotta support my locals!). I’m also listening to Outlander and when I need to focus, I like to put on the Pride & Prejudice soundtrack.

Name 3 things you cannot live without
Besides the obvious (husband/kids): coffee, my iphone, and a good book

What is the best advice you have received?
Define your own success and accept that your idea of success may change by the year or by the month; our lives and priorities are ever changing so one line of success is unrealistic.

What would surprise us about yourself?
My first business was social media marketing in 2010 but it was still during the time when many small businesses didn’t see the value of social media and I spent a lot of my time trying to convince them that Facebook wasn’t evil.

Where can members connect with you? | instagram and facebook @locklaneevents

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