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In Her Heels with Jennifer Neal Edwards of Vibe615 Yoga.

“It’s a party… with intention!”

Photography provided by Tausha Dickinson

VIBE615 is specialty yoga experiences to enhance the moments that make memories that you’ll remember! 

Create a connection experience with your party tribe, wedding party, family, work tribe, bandmates, or celebrate your new house, birthday, new baby…or just celebrate life with Vibe 615.

Join us as we learn more about Founder, Jennifer Neal Edwards.

How did you enter into the hospitality industry?

Well… I don’t remember not being in the hospitality industry! I was a hostess from as far back as I can recall LOL. I hosted parties for my barbie dolls and neighbors, anyone who would pause long enough for me to entertain. I was always reinventing my wardrobe and creating art in some fashion but always with a purpose to engage people to interact. The answer in a flash-My professional career began in LA as I was a floral designer for television and film(ALL the soap operas and awards shows!). I was eventually exposed to the world of event design and found my calling! I had the fortunate opportunity as a producer for Colin Cowie Lifestyle which afforded me priceless opportunities and skills. After 8 years in LA, I moved back to Nashville and established Reveal Event Style. I designed weddings, award shows, hotel daily & holiday, holiday installations, travelled the world, won awards the respect of peers and the public … the only opportunity that has not come my way is designing a run way show:) In 2017 one of my loyal clients offered me an attractive opportunity and I pivoted to a corporate event planning role. Then 2020… I missed the creativity, making art, creating something with my own hands and seeing people enjoy these moments in life. I have practiced yoga for several years (not continuously) but after the Pandemic I challenged myself to 100 days straight of yoga and it changed everything. I had an epiphany, I wanted to be back, engaging and offering purpose, creating joy. I also knew I had friends in the industry & my yoga teachers who needed more opportunities. I thought about what brings people together, how can we connect more deeply with each other (and remember HOW to interact LOL) & what people come to Nashville to experience. What our creative community brings to Nashville is a culture and I wanted to create a resource where it all comes together. So VIBE615 was born! “It’s a party…. with intention!” A new way to engage with people we love, new friends and our incredibly talented community while honoring ourselves- Bubbles, bunnies & bending! Empowering one move & mojito at a time!

What brought you to Nashville? If you are a native, what is your favorite hidden gem of the city?

I am a native of West Tennessee and Nashville was always a second home to me. I travelled the world and as they say “the hook brings you back”! OOOh my favorite hidden gem… I love to send people to 3rd Man Records to record a song (IF the vintage machine is working, The Patterson House for the “stingy brim”(off the menu item) for a night cap, “Never Never” when the train comes by, take the adventure through Leiper’s Fork to find and stay at Forrest Gully, House of Cards such a great date night!, waterfall tours and the look out at Percy Warner is transcending!

Where are we likely to find you on the weekends or when you aren’t working?
If I am not at yoga practice I am what I call an accidental adventurist! I love an adventure but usually the best ones are the ones you do not plan. Winston my ride or die floof, and I are usually on a hike, attending last minute travel or concerts (I have a knack for scoring amazing last minute tickets or travel deals) LOL or the spa! I don’t wait on others to want to do something I just GO!

Name 3 things you cannot live without.
Winston, velcro rollers & Twizzlers (this is a new thing lol)

What is the best advice you have received?
Remember, things are happening “for you” not “to you”

What are you currently listening to? Podcast? Favorite song that motivates you?
I am obsessed with Audible! My current library includes (not incredibly cerebral but entertaining!) – “You are a Badass”by Jen Sincero, “I am a Pole” by Stephen Colbert, “Honor Yourself” by P Diddy (so underrated as a meditation guide! who knew!), “Down the Rabbit Hole” by Holly Madison- PodCast- “Call Her Daddy”- “Stuff You Should Know”- “TED Talks” Song: “I Feel Love” (Blondi to Sam Smith cover versions) , Anything Lizzo, Soul Cycle Spotify is always on point!

What would surprise us about yourself?
I can stand on a horse 🙂

What are some career highlights and biggest career accomplishments?
The Fashion Institute in Los Angeles (FIDM) has hosted me as a guest teacher. I have been a featured guest for professional organizations, including the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC), expert on several leading blogs and publications within the industry. There have also been several books released that feature my work including Mermaids and Martinis by Hilary Pereira.

Contact information: Where can members connect with you?
instagram @vibe615yoga

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