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In Her Heels, Member Spotlight with Maysoon Sayyad

Servant Leader

Maysoon is a Mobile, Alabama native, who loves to combine her southern and middle eastern cultures in events and food.  If she isn’t working you can find her in the kitchen trying new baking and cooking recipes.  Having always shown an interest in volunteerism, events and catering it felt natural to her to build a career in serving people. 

Her first event planning job was with a private catering company, which was the most challenging yet so rewarding building weddings in open fields, homes, venues and tents.  Every event never the same and always a new and exciting blank canvas. This lead to her own event planning business where she then moved to Arlington, VA to begin her hotel hospitality career in 2013. In 2018, she relocated to Nashville, Tennessee after accepting a position with the Hermitage Hotel as a catering sales manager and later the Westin Nashville. 

After the most challenging 2020 year and fifteen years in a hospitality career; it brought Maysoon to her most current and favorite pivotal career move, to HCA Healthcare. Currently, she is the Conference Center Coordinator on the Travel and Meetings team. She manages their Capitol View 1100 building. In her role, she books and manages their internal corporate meetings. This allows her to work with the various sectors of HCA and ensure her colleagues have successful meetings and events.

How did you enter into the hospitality industry?
Having always shown an interest in volunteering, events and people. I worked as an event planner for a catering company after college eventually starting my own event planning business in my hometown of Mobile, Alabama. I was then offered a position in Arlington, VA for a corporate hotel, which began my hospitality hotel career. Now after 15 years and 4 cities I have taken a position with HCA Healthcare as the Conference Center Coordinator.

What brought you to Nashville?
I relocated to Nashville to work as the Catering and Convention Service Manage for the Hermitage Hotel.

Where are we likely to find you on the weekends or when you aren’t working?
In my kitchen cooking and baking or somewhere outside on beautiful weather days.

Name 3 things you cannot live without
My family, my friends and my I-phone

What is the best advice you have received?
Sometimes you have to fail to succeed. Taking risks and challenging yourself will keep you growing.

What are you currently listening to? Podcast? Favorite song that motivates you?
Drama Queens Podcast recapping One Tree Hill. Greatest Showman soundtrack or RENT always put me in a great mood.

What would surprise us about yourself?
I started a side business baking and eventually started shipping lactation cookies for nursing mothers all from my kitchen and through posting on instagram and facebook

What are some career highlights and biggest career accomplishments?
I had my own event planning business in my hometown, but I moved to the Northern Virginia and DC area to enter into the corporate hospitality industry.

Where can members connect with you?

LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook all Maysoon Sayyad or email

If you want to meet Maysoon at one of our events, make sure to check out our Heels Hangs for a listing of our next networking opportunities.


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