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Belmont Presidential Debate 2020

No matter what your political party is, you have to admit this is a pretty big deal to have designed the set for the Presidential Debate here in Nashville, TN.

Gary Musick Productions’ relationship with Belmont goes back years, designing and customizing for their 2020 event wasn’t their first rodeo. They designed and set all the decor for the 2008 Presidential Debate at Belmont and kept up their relationship with the University. Gary Musick himself has even taught an intensive course on Special Events, going on ten years now, for Belmont students wanting to gain credits towards an event certification. So when it came time for the 2020 Presidential Debate, they assured Belmont our decor and signage would impress and advertise just as they had done twelve years prior.

Their team worked with Belmont’s creative designers to customize the signage they wanted. They began setting up weeks before the debate to ensure as much exposure as possible for Belmont and to avoid security issues if they waited closer to showtime. Even after the debate aired, the signs can still be seen proudly waving on their campus. Originally, they had anticipated taking them down the very next day, however, Belmont chose to keep them up for several weeks after, creating a win-win situation to market both their campus and their company.

They created a Tik Tok of their hard work setting up and posted it to our social media channels. Within a few days, they were getting thousands of views and shares. Currently, it’s been viewed over eight thousand times across their social medias and that number keeps going up. Gary Musick Productions is so grateful Belmont allowed their company to help showcase the campus not only to our country, but to the world and they look forward to creating and designing more for them in the future. 


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